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28th July 2014

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Dream for me(complete)

Dream for me(complete)

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28th July 2014

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love of my life.

love of my life.

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18th July 2014

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Dream for me

Dream for me

18th July 2014

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Photos from the Horse Hospital exhibition. Taken by JPaul23.

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18th July 2014

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when someone really cute calls you cute first


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16th July 2014

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This guy has been keeping my heart from freezing.

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16th July 2014

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open the curtains, I have to smoke you out

cause sometimes it hits me when i’m half asleep

the scent, your skin shoots to the back of my sinuses

and all at once I feel the press

your hands on my chest

restricting me to dizziness

open the curtains to let you float away

open the curtains and you fly out like smoke

Then you, soft heat

flow over me

with limbs across infinity

but you, perfect balance

perfect balance, present moment you take me

is nowhere at all

is nowhere I’d ever leave again

you gather up the pieces

and the pieces float away

and its okay

its okay with me

because you

swimming in the air you breathe

your eyes; the sea

oh god don’t stop

breathing into me.

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12th July 2014

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by my very good friend, JTF

video directed by my best friend, lakertriangledio


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10th July 2014

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Anonymous said: Post a pic of your pussy

post a pic of your go fuck yourself

10th July 2014

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9th July 2014

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9th July 2014

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Its only where it begins

Its only where it begins

9th July 2014

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8th July 2014

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Lightning by NicotineDaShain


Lightning by NicotineDaShain

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